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 mobilise your business around your customers

Drive customer centricity by bringing your customer journeys to life,
for the benefit of your staff, your suppliers and your agencies. 

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customer obsession

At Insider, we believe that you can’t truly be customer focussed until your employees are connected with your customers. Therefore, everyone in your organisation should know and understand the customer journey. What it is, what the pain points are. What can be improved and the implications for the business if it’s not improved. Knowing where your competitors fit into the customer landscape and importantly, where they as an employee fit into that journey. They should also know the kind of experience the customer has been through before they meet them and what awaits them in the next part of the journey.

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Context is King

On you can map out your customer journey in 360°. This is a human journey, so all touch points are brought to life with human stories and context, using film, photography, animation, text and audio. It is a scrollable, highly interactive and visually rich web based platform that brings the customer journey to life from multiple perspectives.


break down silos, align CX with EX

A rich and dynamic, scrollable timeline that brings your customer journey to life with film, images, audio and data. A silo busting tool, promoting EX & CX. Creating a holistic 360° view of the customer journey and the employee experience. A golden thread that everyone in your organisation can align to.

The customer view

The voice of your customer, captured in the

moment, bringing to life their real world context


Quizzes to test users understanding. Tracking who is engaging and what their customer knowledge is.

competitors view

What are your competitors doing at this stage in the journey, are the winning?

the brand view

success metric

NPS, CSAT, CES, PES? Whatever metric you use can be included and updated as it changes.

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Easily updates as and when the journey changes and develops

The staff view

How are employees acting in this moment, what challenges do they face and are they aligned with the customer?

insights & opportunities

What are the key challenges here, what can be done to improve this stage in the journey, what are the pain points?

Where does your brand fit into this part of the journey, where are your brand values? do they resonate with your customer?

all of your customer journeys on your own subdomain

We can help you bring all of your customer journeys to life in one place, with your own branded sub domain.

No Customer Journey should be overlooked, no matter how small, large or complex…

• Path to purchase online or instore

• Installation journey

• Customer experience map

• Day-in-the-life or your customer,

   product or service

• Current Sate maps

• Future state maps

• Service blueprints

• Micro journeys or ones

   that take years

Connect your business with your customers and the journey they go on, from the very first touchpoint and throughout the life of their relationship with your brand, making you more customer centric, ultimately driving the most important customer outcomes: satisfaction, retention, expansion and referrals.

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we do it In
with you...

We work closely with you and your agencies to navigate your existing customer knowledge, helping to plot the course and guiding you through to journeys end.

We can work closely with you throughout the entire process, from discovery, through production and to completion, until you have a rich and dynamic resource to align your business around.


contact us
for a demo is a flexible system, designed to fit the needs and budget of the user. We have a whole host of modules and packages available and can offer off the shelf solutions, along with DIY or bespoke options. Please contact us to find out more and discuss your specific requirements.  //  +44 (0)20 8947 6438

Thank you, we will be in touch.

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